Now, many people stay long time in the office, frankly speaking, the time they spent in the office maybe longer than stay at home, so the office is tidy or disorder will deeply affect people`s work efficiency.

If there a lot of work piled up on the desk, personal belongs which people do not have time to put in order, looking at the disorder desk, people no doubt will be in a bad mood, what is more, the disorder desk makes people fail to pay attention to their works, if there colleagues around your desk, maybe they will also be in a bad mood. As file folder, a business card box also play an important role to make the office desk clear. Business cards is import for business man, because on the business card, there are lots of important information, such as e-mail address, website address, telephone no.,cell phone no., business scope, company name,etc., without the business card you can put the card together, but can not classify the card.

If you have a arcylic material clear business card, you can put them together into the business card box, then classify them. Now the desk looks tidy, in the whole day you will be in a good mood.